Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Vision Canoe really knit?

  • Yes it is! VISIONknit Limited, North America's largest technical knitting company, knits the fabric used in the canoe using 3D flat bed knitting machines. Check out their web site at www.visionknit.ca

Is the fabric Polyester or Kevlar?

  • In fact, it is both! VISIONknit Limited has created a patent pending graphic material with superior performance characteristics that can be used in composite construction.
  • The first material they developed is made up of a knit graphic layer combined with a Kevlar re-bar layer (all in one). Its called KR18 - feel free to ask for it by name.
  • Given the success of the KR18 composite material, they created a second material called SG19 which can be used in any composite construction layup.  

How can something that is knit float? Won't water seep through it?

  • Once the fabric is knit, we place it in our canoe molds and then vacuum infuse it with Epoxy Resin to produce our canoe shell.

Does Vision Canoe have a catalog of available canoes? 

  • Unfortunately we don't have a catalog per se because we create each canoe to your specifications. In essence you create your own canoe (model, design, colour combination) to suit your paddling vision.
  1. First you chose your model
  2. Then you chose your design
  3. Then you chose your colour combination

    Can I create my very own design?

    • We're glad you asked! Yes you can. There is a fee involved (depending upon the nature of the design) but we are more than happy to have the conversation. For example, design fees can range from $300 to put a name in an existing design to $1000s to develop your own one-of-a-kind vessel. It all depends upon the complexity of the design.

    How is Vision Canoe different from other canoe manufacturers?

    • We are different in so many ways (that we know of)
      1. The fabric we use has graphics knit into the material - it will not come off over time like a decal
      2. We have some of the best performing composite materials in the market. Accredited material lab testing of KR18 showed an Elongation at Break (Flexing Without Fracturing) 24 times better than today's typical Kevlar or Fiberglass structures
      3. The fabric is knit to shape thereby eliminating significant waste in the production process
      4. The fabric is knit using Green Energy - Bull Frog Power!
      5. Unlike other canoe manufacturers, we currently promote 12 colours but we carry 62 different colours in house (please contact us if you can't find a colour on our web site that appeals to your visionary tastes)
      6. We not only stand by our canoes, we stand on our canoes! Check out our Instagram account for a picture.